Turkey Visa From Afghanistan & Bangladesh: Your Ultimate Guide


Afghanistan and Bangladesh passport holders require a visa to enter Turkey. The application process can be completed through Turkish embassies in Kabul or Dhaka.

Visitors from Afghanistan and Bangladesh looking to travel to Turkey should be aware that obtaining a visa is a prerequisite for entry. This process involves meeting specific requirements such as providing travel documents, completing an application, and potentially going through an interview process.

The visa application process for Turkey is straightforward, but it does necessitate careful attention to detail to ensure a successful submission. It’s essential to check the latest regulations and procedures, as these can change, and to start the visa acquisition process well ahead of the intended travel date to account for processing times. Travelers should also prepare to present proof of their itinerary and financial means, which are crucial for visa approval. TURKEY VISA FROM BANGLADESH

Understanding Turkey Visa Requirements

Afghanistan citizens seeking a Turkey visa must start by filling out an online application form. After completing the form, they need to schedule an appointment with the Turkish embassy or consulate. Necessary documents include a valid passport, recent photographs, travel itinerary, and proof of accommodation. Additionally, applicants may be required to provide financial statements to prove their spending ability during the stay.

Citizens of Bangladesh must also complete an online visa application before proceeding to book an appointment at their nearest Turkish embassy or consulate. Essential documents such as a valid Bangladeshi passport, passport-sized photos, detailed travel plans, and proof of hotel reservations or accommodation must be prepared. It is crucial to present evidence of financial stability to cover expenses throughout the visit to Turkey.

Types Of Turkey Visas

Turkey offers different visas to Afghan and Bangladeshi citizens depending on the purpose of their visit. The Tourist Visa is a popular choice for those wishing to explore Turkey’s rich history and culture. Applicants must provide proof of travel arrangements like hotel bookings and flight reservations, alongside a valid passport and completed application form. All documents should be submitted within the guideline timeframe to ensure a smooth application process.

For Business Visa applicants, requirements include an invitation from a Turkish company and evidence of previous business interactions between the applicant’s company and the Turkish counterpart. It is essential to provide details of the business’s purpose, such as meetings, conferences or trade shows, and proof of financial sustenance during the stay in Turkey. Each document plays a critical role in the visa approval process, aiming to demonstrate the legitimacy and the intent behind the visit.

How To Apply For A Turkey Visa

Afghan citizens need to follow a specific procedure to secure a Turkey visa. The application process begins by filling out the online form on the official Turkey e-Visa website. Once the form is submitted, the applicant must provide the necessary documentation, which mainly includes a valid passport, recent photographs, and travel details. It is crucial to ensure all details are accurate to avoid delays or rejections.

For applicants from Bangladesh, the process is quite similar. They must complete the online application form and gather supporting documents such as financial proofs, a letter of invitation (if applicable), and a booked flight itinerary. Applicants must also schedule an appointment at the nearest Turkish embassy or consulate. Paying close attention to the visa regulations, staying informed about changes, and preparing for the interview are essential steps in the visa approval process.

Documents Needed For A Turkey Visa

Afghanistan citizens applying for a Turkey visa must submit multiple documents, notably a valid Afghan passport with a minimum six-month validity beyond the stay in Turkey. A visa application form must be completely filled, and passport-size photos that meet Turkish standards should accompany the form. It’s crucial to provide proof of travel insurance, covering the entire duration of the trip, and a detailed itinerary or round-trip ticket. Applicants must also show evidence of hotel bookings or accommodation arrangements. Financial sufficiency is essential, thus bank statements or a sponsor letter might be required.

Bangladesh citizens need a valid Bangladeshi passport, an accurately completed visa application form, and compliant photographs. Additionally, a flight itinerary and accommodation details—such as hotel reservations—are mandatory. Financial evidence, like recent bank statements, and a support letter, if applicable, are necessary to prove economic means to cover the trip. Having comprehensive travel health insurance that is valid in Turkey is also a prerequisite for the visa application process.

Visa Interview And Additional Steps

Citizens of Afghanistan seeking a Turkey visa must partake in an interview process as a vital part of their application. The interview primarily assesses the applicant’s travel plans and intentions. Preparation is key, with the need to provide complete and accurate documentation. Applicants are advised to book their appointment well in advance due to high demand, ensuring they adhere to the specific date and time allocated.

Conversely, for Bangladeshi applicants, the interview process is equally critical. It typically encompasses a review of the applicant’s documents and a series of questions to affirm their purpose of visit. It’s crucial for applicants to demonstrate ties to their home country, such as employment or family, which suggest their return post-visit. The Embassy of Turkey in Bangladesh outlines the need for punctuality and formal attire, reflecting the seriousness of the procedure.

Tips For A Successful Visa Application

Securing a Turkey visa from Afghanistan or Bangladesh requires attention to detail to avoid common pitfalls during the application process. Submitting incorrect or incomplete forms can lead to unnecessary delays or even visa denial. It’s vital to ensure that all documents are current and valid, particularly your passport which must be valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay in Turkey.

Applicants often overlook the importance of providing proof of sufficient funds and a detailed itinerary. Another critical mistake is failing to secure appointments well in advance, as slots can fill up quickly. Keeping an eye on the visa processing times and applying early will help avoid the stress of tight deadlines.

To ensure a smooth processing, applicants are encouraged to seek expert advice and thoroughly double-check their application before submission. Following these guidelines could significantly increase the chances of a positive outcome for obtaining a Turkey visa.


Navigating the visa process for Turkey from Afghanistan and Bangladesh can be straightforward with the right information. By following the guidelines provided, applicants can ensure a smoother journey towards obtaining their entry permit. Remember, pre-travel preparation is key to a hassle-free experience.

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