Saudi Visa Guide: Easy Steps for Bulgarians & Dutch


Bulgarian and Dutch citizens can obtain a Saudi visa via the eVisa system or through a consulate. The application process is streamlined online for tourism purposes.

Visiting Saudi Arabia has become more accessible than ever for Bulgarian and Dutch citizens with the introduction of the eVisa system in 2019. This electronic visa allows for a more efficient and quick application process, aligning with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 to boost tourism.

Travelers from Bulgaria and the Netherlands can now enjoy the convenience of applying for a Saudi tourist visa from the comfort of their homes. The kingdom’s diverse cultural heritage and modern attractions are within reach, whether for business or leisure. Embrace the chance to explore Saudi Arabia’s rich tapestry of history, cuisine, and landscapes, all facilitated by a user-friendly eVisa system.

Requirements For Saudi Visa

Bulgarian and Dutch citizens seeking a Saudi visa must present a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months beyond the planned date of entry into Saudi Arabia. The passport should have at least two blank pages for stamping purposes. SAUDI VISA FOR BULGARIAN CITIZENS

The visa application form is a critical requirement and must be filled out with accurate information. This form is accessible online, and applicants are advised to double-check all the details before submission to avoid any issues that might delay the visa processing.

Additionally, a passport-size photograph is mandatory. The photograph needs to meet the Saudi government’s regulations, which typically include being recent, colored, and taken against a white background. It should also depict the applicant facing forward with their full face in view.

Visa Types For Bulgarians & Dutch

Bulgarian and Dutch citizens seeking to visit Saudi Arabia can apply for various visa types based on the purpose of their trip. For leisure travellers, the Tourist Visa offers an opportunity to explore the country’s rich culture and heritage. It’s often a straightforward process that can be done online with a fast approval time.

Those planning to engage in commerce or trade should consider the Business Visa. This type requires an invitation from a Saudi company and is vital for attending meetings, conferences, or establishing professional relationships.

Work Visas are essential for individuals intending to take up employment in Saudi Arabia. Securing a work visa is a more complex process, typically requiring a sponsorship from a Saudi employer and pre-approval from the government. Each visa type comes with its own set of requirements and procedures that must be carefully followed for successful entry into Saudi Arabia.

Visa Application Process

The Visa Application Process for Saudi Arabia for Bulgarian and Dutch citizens involves several key steps, starting with the Online Application. It’s essential to complete the application on the official Saudi visa portal with accurate personal, travel, and accommodation information. Applicants must ensure they meet all requirements before submission.

Following the online application, individuals must Book an Appointment at their respective embassies or consulates. This is a critical step where applicants select a convenient time to present their documents and provide biometric data as needed.

Finally, the Documents Submission step entails providing all necessary paperwork. This often includes a valid passport, a copy of the flight itinerary, proof of accommodation, travel insurance, and any additional supporting documents that may be specified by the visa regulations. Ensuring that these documents are complete and submitted promptly is crucial for a smooth visa application experience.

Processing Time

The standard processing time for a Saudi Visa for both Bulgarian and Dutch citizens typically varies. It can take anywhere from 5 to 8 business days, based on the current workflow of the Saudi embassy or consulate. Applicants should plan their application accordingly, allowing sufficient time for this procedure.

For more urgent travel needs, expedited processing is available, which can reduce the wait time significantly. This service can ensure visa processing within 1 to 3 business days, subject to the consular section’s discretion and additional fees. It is crucial for travelers to check the eligibility and availability of expedited processing for their specific visa type as these services may vary. Always confirm the latest processing times and expedited service availability directly through official resources or trusted visa processing centers.

Visa Fees And Payment

The visa fees for Saudi visas for Bulgarian citizens and Saudi visas for Dutch citizens vary based on the type of visa and duration of stay. It’s essential to check the latest fee structure on the official Saudi Arabian embassy website or through the authorized visa processing centers.

Payment methods accepted for visa fees typically include credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers. For some services, cash payments may be possible at local Saudi consulates, though this is less common. Ensure that funds are available and payment cards are activated for international transactions before attempting to pay visa fees to avoid any complications.

Visa Approval And Rejection

Receiving a visa approval notification for a Saudi visa marks a pivotal moment for both Bulgarian and Dutch citizens. To be informed of an approved visa, applicants typically get an email or an update on their online application dashboard. This message signifies the successful completion of the vetting process, often culminating in the issuance of a visa. It’s imperative for applicants to thoroughly check their contact details to ensure they receive the notification promptly. SAUDI VISA FOR DUTCH CITIZENS

Conversely, a visa application may be rejected due to a variety of reasons. Frequent causes include incomplete application forms, lack of sufficient supporting documents, passport issues such as damage or inadequate validity, and previous immigration or visa infractions. Financial insufficiency or the failure to convince the authorities of the applicant’s intent to return can also be determining factors. Applicants should closely review the requirements to avoid such outcomes.

Reason for RejectionPreventive Measures
Incomplete FormsDouble-check all fields before submission
Lacking DocumentsGather all necessary documents prior to applying
Passport IssuesEnsure passport is valid and in good condition
Prior Visa ProblemsDisclose any previous immigration issues
Financial ProofProvide adequate proof of financial stability
Proof of ReturnConvince of intent to return (e.g., job, family ties)


Navigating the visa process for Saudi Arabia is now clearer for both Bulgarian and Dutch nationals. With the insights provided, a trip to this culturally rich nation is within reach. Remember to check the latest regulations and apply early. Safe travels as you embark on your Saudi Arabian adventure!

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