Indian Visa for Mozambican and Myanmar Citizens: Your Complete Guide


Mozambican citizens can apply for an Indian visa through the Indian embassy or online. Myanmar citizens can obtain an Indian visa through the Indian embassy or online application.

Are you a Mozambican or Myanmar citizen planning to visit India? Understanding the visa process is crucial before embarking on your journey. Whether you’re seeking tourism, business, or other purposes, securing the appropriate Indian visa is essential. This guide provides insights into the Indian visa application process, requirements, and other essential details for Mozambican and Myanmar citizens.

By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to obtain an Indian visa, making your travels to India a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Overview Of Indian Visa For Mozambican And Myanmar Citizens

The Indian visa for Mozambican citizens and Myanmar citizens offers various types of visas. For Mozambican citizens, the available visas include tourist, business, transit, and medical visas. On the other hand, Myanmar citizens can apply for tourist, employment, business, medical, and student visas. The application process and requirements may vary based on the type of visa selected. The general application process for both nationalities involves completing the online application form, scheduling an appointment at the Indian consulate or embassy, and submitting the required documents such as passport, photograph, and supporting documents. Additionally, meeting the specific visa requirements, including financial proofs, travel itinerary, and purpose of visit, is essential for a successful application. It’s important to carefully review the visa guidelines to ensure a smooth application process for Indian visas. 

Tourist Visa

Eligibility Criteria: To apply for an Indian tourist visa, Mozambican and Myanmar citizens must have a valid passport, a return ticket, proof of sufficient funds, and a confirmed hotel reservation. Additionally, they must provide a recent passport-sized photograph and complete the online visa application form.

Application Process for Tourists: The application process for an Indian tourist visa involves completing the online visa application form, scheduling an appointment at the Indian embassy or consulate, paying the visa fee, and submitting the required documents, including the passport and photographs. Once the application is processed, the visa will be stamped on the passport, allowing the citizens to travel to India for tourism purposes.

Business Visa

For Mozambican citizens seeking an Indian business visa, certain requirements must be met. These include a valid passport, a letter of invitation from an Indian business organization, and a non-refundable visa processing fee. Additionally, applicants must provide proof of financial sufficiency and a detailed itinerary of their stay in India.

Similarly, for Myanmar citizens, the process for securing an Indian business visa involves a comprehensive set of requirements. These encompass a filled-out visa application form, a valid passport with a minimum of six months’ validity, and two recent passport-sized photographs. It is also essential to present an invitation letter from the Indian company, along with a sponsorship letter.

Student Visa

For Mozambican and Myanmar citizens, obtaining an Indian student visa requires meeting specific eligibility criteria. Applicants must have secured admission from a recognized educational institution in India. Additionally, they need to provide proof of financial stability and a no-objection certificate from the concerned authorities in their home country.

Applying for an Indian student visa involves submitting a completed visa application form, along with the necessary documents such as a valid passport, passport-sized photographs, proof of residence, and medical fitness certificates. Furthermore, candidates are required to demonstrate their intent to return to their home countries after the completion of their studies, as well as provide evidence of sufficient funds to cover their educational and living expenses in India. INDIAN VISA FOR MYANMAR CITIZENS

Employment Visa

Criteria for employment visa: To obtain an employment visa for India, Mozambican and Myanmar citizens must have a job offer from an Indian company and fulfill the eligibility requirements set by the Indian government, including educational qualifications and relevant work experience.

Applying for work authorization: Once the job offer is secured, applicants can apply for an employment visa through the Indian embassy or consulate in their respective countries. They will need to submit the required documents, such as the job offer letter, proof of educational qualifications, and a valid passport, along with the visa application form.

Visa On Arrival

Visa on Arrival: Indian Visa for Mozambican and Myanmar citizens is available on arrival. Eligibility and procedure for applying for a Visa on Arrival involve having a passport valid for at least six months from the date of arrival. Applicants need to present the visa fee in US dollars and provide two passport-sized photographs upon arrival. Mozambican and Myanmar citizens can complete the landing process by filling out the visa application form and presenting relevant documents such as a return ticket and proof of sufficient funds for their stay in India.


E-Visa: The Indian e-Visa facility offers multiple advantages for Mozambican and Myanmar citizens, simplifying the visa application process. There are different types of e-Visas available for travelers, each designed to meet specific travel requirements. Applicants can secure an e-Visa for tourism, business, or medical purposes, and the application process is streamlined and efficient. Travelers can apply for their e-Visa online, making it convenient and hassle-free. Additionally, e-Visas have reduced the need for in-person visits to embassies or consulates, saving time and effort for applicants. The Indian e-Visa system has significantly improved the visa application process for Mozambican and Myanmar citizens, facilitating easier access to travel to India.


In a nutshell, obtaining an Indian visa for Mozambican and Myanmar citizens is a streamlined process. With the eligibility criteria and necessary documents in place, applicants can navigate the application process efficiently. By adhering to the guidelines and seeking the right assistance, individuals can access the rich cultural heritage and diverse experiences in India.

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